where it all began

the messages to the people of the past (ghosts, perhaps, but living somewhere out of my particular known universe, so ghosts to me), the heart songs no one cares to hear anymore (like cherish is the word, sunshine of my life, or if it takes forever..., for example), the true love that never ends (you know, don't they know it's the end of the world and other rhetorical questions), but has nowhere to go when the inspiration (dream lover?), the person inspiring the heart songs (all i ever needed, was the one), no longer listens and worse, cuts off all contact, moves, and leaves no forwarding address (return to sender) as if i am some sort of pariah or evil beast that must be avoided at all costs (though i have no idea what the little drummer boy has to do with it, rum pa pa pum)... yes, the love never dies (see?... ghost), it only dissolves into emo lost in the manic madness of babble (except here, where the words that capture the agony of defeat and rejection and spiritual death is expressed in exquisite clarity in babbling brevity)... so where do i begin to tell the story of how great a love can be?... well certainly not in babbling brevity, sheeesh...

narf :)