the year without review

until a moment ago, there was not even a single entry for this year in this babbling brevity blog... b-b-b-but, there may be dozens someday, which would make this entry less prominent and more poignant, perhaps... who's to decide, anyway?


up the vegans

i have no idea what the title of this entry was referring to, but there are certainly many interesting possibilities... discuss at will...


nothing was here

perhaps it was a year without clever


delay of game

so watching football, it took ten minutes of deliberations by the referees (and a couple of commercials) for the men in stripes to decide that they would call a delay of game penalty on the player who took one second to throw the ball into the stands after a great interception and run-back (and the home fans love it and cheered the player, naturally)... meanwhile, the ref was given another ball immediately after the play and he was holding the ball during the whole discussion...

so who actually delayed the game?


where it all began

the messages to the people of the past (ghosts, perhaps, but living somewhere out of my particular known universe, so ghosts to me), the heart songs no one cares to hear anymore (like cherish is the word, sunshine of my life, or if it takes forever..., for example), the true love that never ends (you know, don't they know it's the end of the world and other rhetorical questions), but has nowhere to go when the inspiration (dream lover?), the person inspiring the heart songs (all i ever needed, was the one), no longer listens and worse, cuts off all contact, moves, and leaves no forwarding address (return to sender) as if i am some sort of pariah or evil beast that must be avoided at all costs (though i have no idea what the little drummer boy has to do with it, rum pa pa pum)... yes, the love never dies (see?... ghost), it only dissolves into emo lost in the manic madness of babble (except here, where the words that capture the agony of defeat and rejection and spiritual death is expressed in exquisite clarity in babbling brevity)... so where do i begin to tell the story of how great a love can be?... well certainly not in babbling brevity, sheeesh...

narf :)


as if i don't remember


it's just that i don't want to remember because remembering is futile...

like what's the point of remembering the birthday of someone you have no way to say happy birthday too...

or something like that...


could be coincidence

or it could be the 27ths were meaningful date for babbling brevity in 2009... i mean are, or will be, even... yeah, could be coincidence too...


moment before midnight

the revelations await...



how can anyone possible be depressed in so few words... i mean, dead silence, that's depressed... and a thousand words of convoluted reasoning feeding fears and doubts and ridiculous irrationalities, that's depressed... but a hundred words (or less?)... how could this possibly be?... philosphically, this could only be un-depression, obviously...



when i realize that that i often spend more time flipping through channels looking for something i want to watch on tv than actually watching anything on tv, i remember why i do not watch much tv...

at least not alone :)


supposed to be

a blog of clever quips and mental wanderings that could be profound, but in the end, you are just not sure...


wouldn't want to water it down

cuz who likes a wet blog? (no less, diluted)