reason to smile #742899

as pointless as it all can be, it still feels good when somebody gets the point


about music

there is something powerful about a band of musicians who grow together and stay together long enough to record the growth... this exponentially increases the power of their initial contributions to the music world... the beatles are the epitome of this phenomenon... there is something to be said about musicians who stay together and become a relatively stable sound as well, but the impact of the latter band wanes in comparison to the former... the rolling stones would be the epitome of the latter... the primary difference draws a different fanbase and neither is better or worse, just different in experience... this thought was formed while listening to and reading the liner notes of the collector's edition of the waterboys' fisherman's blues... just thought you might want to know...



the length of a moment is directly proportional to the degree of aloneness...

we can discuss the meaning of aloneness in another lecture.